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You know the drill.. I will tell you where I got my outfit pieces and attach similar items!


(Mine is from Amazon, I have black and white)

White Short Sleeve Crop Top -- such a good piece to have in your wardrobe because you can wear it with pretty much anything and it is good for layering




(Mine are from Amazon as well, and I have a pink pair from Zumiez)-- I love my Amazon ones because they were cheaper, but also more light weight, but I also love my Zumiez ones because it gives a different vibe to the outift and they have so many pockets and the bottoms can be open or cinch

Black and White Camo Pants:




(I kind of remember getting these at Amazon as well- I swear my whole closet isn't from there lol)

High Heel Work Booties:

AMAZON (in black)-

Timberlands on AMAZON-


(I got this a long time ago, but I think I want to say I got it at Ross or Target)

Jean Jacket- part sweatshirt:


Levis on AMAZON-

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