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Hi Loves!

I had a request and a few suggestions to talk about having roommates. This is new for me as well, so just know I am no expert! I have some IG suggestions, some things that I feel are important in my household's success, and an article I found online with some good advice!

Instagram advice:

  1. Having a weekly check in over a shared meal, game night, or movie night (me and my roommate did this for the first time recently and we both felt very good about it)

  2. Keep the communal space clean

  3. Respecting boundaries and personal space- just refrain from invading those two

  4. College Dorms: you don't have to stay with your horrible roommate-- talking to your RA!

There are plenty of cute/creative chore charts on Pinterest, I found this one because it is simple and easy to make.

Personal Advice:

  1. Make a personal contract between the two of you: including your expectations, chores, bf/gf being at the house or if one person wants their s/o to move in are you okay with that, pets, bathroom usage if you have to share one, cleaning

  2. Check in about your overnight guests, it is a good idea to have an understanding about boyfriends/girlfriends, if any of your guests make the other one feel uncomfortable that should be talked about, etc

  3. Establish chores and a system that works for you both (Dishwasher every other time has worked good for us, when the trash is full take it out, clean on your days off, put the drying rack dishes away if you were the one who used them and they are dry, etc)

  4. Write down how much things cost or who’s who’s, it’s good to split some things but don’t split the cost of large furniture (we split the cost of utensils, a few cups, spices, paper towels, if you share a bathroom toiletries)

  5. It is good to have your own things, we for the most part have our own cups (although we don’t mind if the other uses theirs, we still have ones we mainly use personally) we share dishes, although they belong to one person, same with pots and pans,

  6. Split the fridge and the pantry down the middle, you each get one half (if there are drawers, split those)

  7. My roommate and I have each other's location on. I personally feel more comfortable with this because my family lives out of state so this way we are able to have a little peace of mind if we don’t hear back, etc

Most importantly, bond with your roomies! Kaitlyn (my roommate) and I, go to nurseries together, cook meals together, and watch movies and this is how we have fun and stay connected!

Online Article:

I found this great list of 8 things to make living with roommates easier! I agree with the list 100%. It mentions chore charts on it, which we do not use at my house, but I feel could be beneficial for anyone who might need it.

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