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Hi! It's me again, sorry life has been crazy and my creative juices have been running pretty low lately.. however I have gotten so many questions about juicing. In todays blog I will tell you about what I do, the benefits of different types of juice, etc.

The juicer I use ($55 on Amazon)

You can really use any juicers, but personally I like this one and it works for us. Plus it is super easy to wash/use.

I typically make my juice Sunday night since I got to school on Mondays. I make a few different juices so I have some for the next few days, but be careful and make sure they don't go bad! I use mason jars since they come with lids and are so easy to take to-go.

My favorite combinations are:

1. apple (1), lime (1/2), celery (fill up the rest of the jar)

2. apple (1), grapefruit (1/4- very powerful taste), orange (1/2-1), (optional) add lime or pineapple (pineapple is hard to juice and is already so juicy so I feel it kind of gets wasted, but still tastes good)

3. apple (1), orange (1/2-1), celery (fill it up)

Here are some other combination ideas:

You can really do whatever combination works for you, these are just a few I have tried that I like!!

Lets talk benefits:

(Antioxidants: can protect against cell damage)

Apple Juice-

Good for hydration, beneficial fruit compounds, can support heart health, may protect brain with aging (cons: can decrease fiber content in apple and increase sugar if you don't proportion it, but this is more for if you are buying from the grocery store not making your own)

Orange Juice-

Rich in nutrients (especially vitamin c), high in antioxidants, can help prevent Kidney Stones, can improve heart health, can decrease inflammation (cons: sugar intake and that can lead to weight gain, but fresh squeezed like this can still maximize health benefits)

Lime Juice-

Rejuvenates your skin, improve digestion, fights infection, helps with weight loss, lowers blood sugar, reduces heart disease, prevents cancer, reduces inflammation

Grapefruit Juice-

High in nutrients, can benefit your immune system, can control your appetite, can aid in weight loss, can help in people with diabetes (research more if you are interested in this aspect), can improve heart health, high in antioxidants, may reduce risk of kidney stones

There is a blog on celery juice under the health section of my blog!

I hope this helps you understand some benefits of juice. Juicing veggies for me has been a good way to get all my nutrients and take it on the go!

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