Christmas Gift Guide

Updated: Jun 5

What to buy for Christmas this year:

Well, honestly Christmas shopping is hard.. It’s hard on the wallet and I never know what to buy people. I end up looking all over online until I get inspired and find what I think is the perfect gift. I genuinely feel that it can be hard to pick out thoughtful gifts, that aren’t just a waste of money, no matter how much you love someone. Here are some mediocre (because I found them) gifts ideas this 2019 Christmas. Feel free to comment what you bought people to help us struggling peeps out!

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Amazon Gift finder:

Student Gift Guide:

Customize your new planner! (I am getting the zodiac one for next year)


Last Christmas I got my mom an espresso machine (a good gift to split with someone):

Fuzzy Robe (on sale for $35 currently):


(Mother, daughter):

(Custom for mom):

Option 1-

Option 2-

Cooking Molds/Supplies (my mom has these and she loves them!):

As suggested on Instagram:

Reusable produce bags for the grocery store (Love this idea!!):



Coffee Mug (I got my dad a hydro flask and yeti cup for coffee and he uses it everyday):

Dads who like to cook:


Bbq tools--

Hamburger Presser:

-New knife set





Personally, since I love clothes I love picking an outfit out for someone (maybe even just a new shirt!) TIP: people who hate shopping for themselves love this:

If your sister is anything like mine, she is more than happy with B&BW:!5233!3!349212425176!e!!g!!bath%20and%20body%20works&ef_id=CjwKCAiA8qLvBRAbEiwAE_ZzPVOGwS-odZcn4i3gcic_K8YMOgVuaKGj1icBPFlZni1V4_j6LzrT2RoCAEwQAvD_BwE:G:s