Graduating Early

That's me, graduation day! (June 1, 2019) Smiling because high school was officially OVER!! Let's talk about when I was actually done with high school! (Dec. 2018)

I have had so many requests asking me to share my experience graduating early so here we are!

I decided to graduate early right at the end of my junior year. It was past the deadline actually and there was no freakin way I wasn’t going to do it. It was my moms idea actually. I didn’t want to do it at first, but then once the idea grew on me I was hooked.

When I talked to my counselor about it she was NOT supportive. Maybe it’s because they loose money or because she didn’t want me to regret it (which everyone will say), but that part was very frustrating. Why not just support someone’s choices, that is her job after all. So then I got all my credits lined up to finish first term! (Side note: if you are considering graduating early definitely take your PE and any necessary classes before senior year, I didn’t!)

Why did I want to graduate early? Let’s start from the beginning! I went to Colfax on an inter-district transfer. I was PISSED at my mom for making me go and try it. She promised I just had to try it for freshman year and then I got to choose where I went sophomore year and after. I actually ended up liking it. At first I hated it because it was so hard to make friends in a school that is so click-y. I got left out, what felt like all of the time. It‘s hard at Colfax because everyone grew up together. Regardless, I ended up making a good group of friends. I would say I actually really enjoyed high school for the first part of it. Then junior year came around. There was a girl who bullied me every day, and I tried so hard to not let it bother me, but eventually it’s hard to let it slide. (She would spit on me, call me the ‘c’ word and even stuck gum on my car once, etc) Finally I went to the vice principles office because I couldn’t pretend like it wasn’t bothering me anymore. I talked to her about it and literally nothing was done about it. I was a really good student, EIC of yearbook, played sports, had a job, never got in trouble (I mean never) and it still felt like I was the one being punished for what she did. This sounds so dramatic, but that is when I really started to hate it.

I guess it really was just a combination of things that made me graduate early. My favorite pair of shoes are my clogs and looking back I shouldn’t have let it bother me, but when people you think are your friends start making fun of you for the shoes you‘re wearing... it’s kind of like really?? They are literally shoes and it does not effect you!! I have dressed ‘different’ my whole life and never faced to much backlash for what I wore as I did at CHS (sadly).

Fast forward to my last day of high school! OMG! Can you say BEST DAY EVER?!?!?

Before school ended I picked out all of my Sierra College Classes and was so ready to start college.

It wasn't all butterflies and rainbows, honestly. I was scared! Growing up is scary, but it doesn't have to be. Zero part of me regrets graduating early. Maybe you are reading this because you graduated early and you are nervous, you're considering graduating early, or you're just curious!

I felt nervous to move onto something so unfamiliar. I graduated not really having that many close friends so that made it easier. Once I got to Sierra I fell in love. I started at the Rocklin campus just so it would feel different than high school and I would do that again if I went back. I just started with 3 classes and worked. I still walked for graduation (which I debated), but it ended up being a good experience that I would recommend if you are graduating early.

I guess what I am trying to say is YES do it! Graduate early or even instead of taking AP classes or electives Senior year, take a Sierra College class! You should make whatever you decide to do, count! If you graduated early, I am proud of you, it's hard and if you are struggling I know you are going to pull through!

If you have any questions for me regarding graduating early, please reach out!! I would love to chat! Find me on Instagram (kennys.korner or _kendall.lee_)

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