Closet Staples Every Women Should Own

So you need a new wardrobe or maybe just some pointers? You have come to the right place! Below are 10 things every women should have in her closet with links to grab yours.

Classic Black Pumps

Black heels are not only timeless, but classic and elegant. You can dress them up or down, and they match everything.

Link here

Brown/Black Leather Jacket

A leather jacket can add to a casual outfit or make your business casual outfit a little edgier! Leather jackets are also timeless and can be worn through multiple seasons.

Link here

A Blazer

Blazers are sometimes seen as boring or hard to pair things with, which I used to agree with. For me, I wear them with a turtleneck or you could pair it with a graphic tee to change it up!

Link here

A Solid Colored Turtleneck

I have a solid black turtleneck and it is one of my go to's. Anytime I don't know what to wear, I start with a solid turtleneck and go from there.

Link here

A Hat They Love

"I wish I could wear hats"- everyone ever. You can wear hats, you just don't. Go buy a hat you love. Target has my personal favorites.

Link here

Everyday "Go To" Earrings

I have always been a crazy/funky earring kinda gal, but recently I got these little diamondesque hoops on Amazon and love them! They match everything and add just the right amount of bling.

Link here

Comfy-Cute Pants

You should own a pair of pants that make you feel beautiful, yet are comfy. You can be cute and comfy at the same time! Bonus points if they make your butt look good, right ladies?

Business Joggers

A Pair Of Levis

You would think I am sponsored by Levi's by the amount of free clout I give them- but nope! Just a firm believer in a solid and sustainable pair of pants.

Link here

A Fun, Sassy Dress

I recently found a Free People dress at Marshalls for $30. I was sooo stoked! Get a dress that makes you feel beautiful and to have for those "just in case" moments.

Link here

A Coat

Coats are perfect for any outfit and totally change your appearance. Coats are the new cardigan, you heard it here first. ;)

Link here

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