Apartment Hacks

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Things I wish I knew when apartment hunting:

1. Start gathering apartment essentials before moving out (examples: toaster, microwave, pots, pans, a couch, coffee table, coffee maker, blender, baking sheets, cooking utensils, silverware, bowls, cups, plates, paper towels, cleaning supplies, towels)

2. Shop on Facebook Marketplace for cheaper items (we got our tv stand, a coffee table, and our couch on Marketplace for $500)

3. Start building your credit ASAP check out my blog post on credit cards

4. If you enjoy getting your nails done I would suggest learning how to do your own because salons are expensive! ------ Check out this Amazon list I created for you of my favorite products! I did the searching and review checking so you don't have to! https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2SZM1SRIRWBS9?ref_=wl_share

5. Create an Amazon list to send/share with family and friends of necessities for your new apartment! My roomie and I did this and received a few things such as cutting boards, oven mitts, a tool box, a vacuum, and a first aid kit! (We did this on Amazon)

6. Start apartment searching about 2 months before you plan to move for a few reasons:

  1. Find out what apartments require to qualify and shop in your budget

  2. Figure out what town or city you want to live in and apply for jobs in that area

  3. See where is in your budget

  4. Sign the lease sooner so you don't have to worry or settle in a rush!

  5. (You might actually get it cheaper if you sign the lease earlier because prices always change!)

7. Search for the perfect roommate and always follow you gut instinct. Once you find your roommate(s), bond with them! I found my roommate by posting on social media that I was looking. I tried apps, but this kind of sketched me out. I have found that posting on Facebook and having your friends/family share it works well. (You could even try posting on Marketplace!)

8. A month before you move out, start cleaning and organizing your room. Make a box for "keep", "donate", "maybe", etc. This will save you time and stress when it gets closer to the day, and prevent you from moving/keeping unnecessary stuff.

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