Almost Vegan, But More Fun

Happy New Year my loves! Start those resolutions off right. Read about my lifestyle and some easy changes you can try!

A little background story to start you off.. About 2 years ago my stomach problems started. Below I will share my stories with you. I have gone to the doctor numerous times and I am still not sure what is wrong, but going dairy free and cutting out meat has helped a ton. I even had a sonograph done on my abdomen done, so I'm basically an expert. ;)

Sweet Sweet Dairy Free and the Beauty of Lactose Intolerance:

About two years ago now I found out I am lactose intolerant. I figured this out working at Baskin Robbins, dry heaving at work after I ate one too many bites of ice cream… Needless to say I haven’t eaten dairy since, with the exception of cheese, because I have needs, okay?!

Lactose intolerance isn’t pretty. Of course this will affect everyone in different ways, but common ways that dairy will affect you if you are intolerant is:

-Abdominal pain





According to 65% of the population is allergic to cow's milk. Check this website out if you don’t believe me!

At first cutting dairy out was hard for me, but you learn to live with it and ultimately it will make you feel so much better. Also, if you struggle with acne try cutting dairy out and I guarantee your skin will clear up! Now a days there are so many dairy substitutes that it is easy, and you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out!

Examples: Almond Milk, Soy Milk, Oatmilk, Lactose free EggNog, Dairy-free ice cream (the BEST is Ben and Jerrys)

Today you can challenge yourself to cut out one source of dairy. Try getting a lactose free milk in your coffee instead or trying dairy free ice cream!

That Pescetarian Life:

If you aren’t sure what pescatarian means, it is when you don’t eat meat, but you eat seafood. Before I start, of course I know we have issues in all of our ecosystems, including our oceans, but I’ve gotta get iron and nutrients somewhere!

I stopped eating meat a few months ago. I stopped eating meat because it would make my stomach hurt, similar to what happens with diary. I have to admit that this transition was quite easy for me, since I already didn’t like pork or chicken.. Regardless I encourage everyone to again, do your own research. Watch the episode of Explained on Netflix called “The Future of Meat”, it is 23 minutes long.. Comment below if you watch it, what stood out to you? Vegetarian yet??

If you don’t have digestion problems when it comes to meat, maybe the Explained episode will confirm all you need to know. This lifestyle, again, it isn’t for everyone, but why not try it? Maybe you will feel better.

The other day I got super sick from shrimp and I am still trying to figure out what is wrong with my stomach. After that I will probably now go vegetarian, but pescetarian was a good stepping stone.

According to Medical News Today: (Going Vegetarian can)

reduce the risk of heart disease

reduce obesity

reduce hypertension

reduce type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer

It may lead to weight loss.

I also know that I will need to get nutrients somewhere... Nutrients that can be lacking include:

Iron, Calcium, Protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Zinc

I know cutting out meat for a lot of people is something they could never imagine. Recent studies are showing that cattle (that produce beef) are a large producer of methane gases (a greenhouse gas) which contributes largely to global warming. Even cutting your meat consumption in half will help this. They also suggest switching to chicken instead of beef, and even that will reduce the methane produced. Red meat also contributes to heart disease, so starting to improve your health when you are young is better!

Again, you shouldn't feel deprived and it is not for everyone.. but if you want to start somewhere, try a veggie burger! They are actually really good! You could even just start by cutting your consumption or replacing the meats with other foods.

Green Goodness--Celery Juice:

Medical News Today explains all of the health benefits that celery juice can provide for your body:

Some benefits that are appealing to me:

My mom just bought a juicer and makes all kinds of different juices for us to try. My personal favorite is apple and celery. Especially as a pescatarian/vegetarian, my diet is limited and eating vegetables is still a chore for me sometimes! This is an easy and surprisingly good way to get that daily dose of greens!

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