Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Hello my loves, I know I have been MIA, but that is because I have had so much exciting stuff going on!

Some of you might know I recently moved into my own apartment with a friend from high school, this is us above I am on the left and Kaitlyn is on the right. We are pictured in my room.

I have had a few people reach out to me and ask how much my apartment costs and what I did in order to prepare for this big change! I always want to be transparent with you so here is the breakdown.

I moved out June 20 into a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. My apartment has a washer and dryer in the unit (I found this to be a necessity, so consider this when/if you are apartment hunting- it saves time and money), we also have access to pools and the gym at my complex. Our total rent is $1,475 and a $25 amenities fee, so $1,500 just to live here.

Our SMUD bill last month was $140 (this is the middle of summer and we use our A/C minimally, but still more than other times of the year). Our PG&E bill ended up only being $7 last month, so that was exciting! I personally also pay for my car insurance which is $150 a month and is increasing to $200 next month. My phone bill (just for service) is $50 a month and I recently paid my phone off before moving out (my bill used to be $100 a month).

(This is a picture of part of my living room, we love plants!)

We also pay for groceries which ranges every month, but I would say its around $100-150 a month, not including if you eat out. We also have to pay for gas, I personally do not spend that much on gas per month because I live so close to my work, but this is something to factor in, especially because gas is a necessity and so expensive. We of course also have to pay for miscellaneous costs, like car problems and day trips to Tahoe, for sanity.

So with all of the cost break down I would estimate that I need around $1,300 a month to pay for all of my bills and living costs. I also try to put money into savings as much as possible because it is important to still save money.

In order to move out without cosigners, I built my credit for about a year. I started with the Discover student credit card and now have about 5 credit cards. Another easy credit card to start with is the Apple Mastercard, you can apply for this through the wallet app on an iphone. My credit score averages out to be about 750, and you should aim for high credit if your pay stubs are lower.

I saved about $10,000 to move out. I still have money in my savings account, which makes me feel less stressed every month. The first week that Kaitlyn, my roommate, and I lived here, we spent around $3,000 just to move in. Our security deposit was $1,500 since we are first time renters, and we also had to pay the prorated June rent and July rent.

Something to consider if you are planning on moving out, is to start paying for small things like your phone bill or groceries, or just logging how much you spend on certain things every month. It might be a good idea to talk to your parents, if you aren't good at saving money, and pay them "rent" every month that they can put away for you.

I know this all sounds so expensive, but moving out is so exciting and fun! Yes it is expensive, but also rewarding and it needs to be done on your own timeline, not anyone elses'.

I will post pictures of my apartment and let you all know where to find the furniture and how to decorate on a budget!

BEST TIP: Start collecting things that you will need to move out months in advance so that when the time comes you can have less unexpected costs. Examples include: pots/pans, a toaster, coffee maker, silverware, plates/bowls, cooking utensils, if possible a couch or coffee table! You can find good and affordable things on websites such as Way Fair, Costway, or even Walmart. A good place to shop also is Facebook marketplace, that is how we found our couch and tv stand! IKEA is also amazing for decorations or necessities!

Thanks for joining me, always reach out with any questions for me!

@kennys.korner or @_kendall.williams_ on Instagram! <3

This short list gives some good examples of small apartment hacks as well:

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