#9: Try new things!

College Advice #9

This should honestly be number one in my opinion. Last semester I was a Psych. major. I was so excited about it because it was all I had been interested in. Then I decided to try 2 classes out of my comfort zone this last semester (Fall 2019).

The first was Introduction To Marketing and the second was Personal/Career Development. By trying these two classes, I figured out what I really want to major in and learned so much about myself on the way. If your school offers Personal Development (at Sierra this is PDEV 0006, I took it with Michell Jay), I highly recommend taking it. Learning about yourself is so important, and can lead you to be more successful.

Personal Development: A little bit more about why this class is important::

-Somethings you learn are about your values (what your values are in work, school, relationships, etc) and how to apply that to all aspects of your life... This is asking yourself "Are my values being met or disrespected?" ---> some values I decided for myself are balance, respect, and stability. I want these for my work life, I want to have a steady income. I want respect, mutual from all areas in life, I respect someone and they do the same back, coworkers, peers, bosses, friendships, etc. Balance, this is important for mental health, balancing work, school, socializing, personal time, being healthy all around AND happy.

- You hear from speakers that come in and teach you about financial planning and interviewing. You will break down how to dress at an interview, what to say, what to bring, any questions you have you will learn!

-You also learn how to properly write resumes, cover letters, references, and fill our applications. (I have seen some resumes that will not get someone the job, do not let that be you, please!!)

-You explore you personality and what jobs and working environments will be best for you.

-You learn the importance of assertiveness, not being passive or aggressive and that "No." is a complete sentence...

You learn so much in this class, I highly recommend it or something similar.

I encourage you to take ANY class that you have interest in, maybe you will find your passion! If you hate it, you can always drop it! You should also join a club you find interesting! This is a good way to meet people and get connected!

Read more on 33 Things to do before you graduate (I do not endorse all 33) ;) : https://www.businessinsider.com/33-things-you-have-to-do-in-college-2013-8#abuse-all-the-perks-and-discounts-you-can-get-from-a-student-id-7

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