#7: Resources+You=Success

College Advice #7

Take advantage of your resources!

(Specific to Sierra College, but maybe there is a similar things at other schools!)

At Sierra College there are so many resources that are not talked about.

Career/Transfer building: Here you can meet with professionals to discuss your future. You can make appointments with representatives from Universities and figure out how to stay on track (if you plan to transfer)

Writing Center: The writing center is in the library and it is by appointment or walk-in. Here they can check you papers for anything from grammatical errors to MLA/APA format, etc. Why not? It’s free!

Tutoring (Math center, office hours, etc): Go to the math center or tutoring if you need help. Using your resources is the easiest way to be successful. Office hours can also be helpful!

Counseling: This can be academic or personal. Check with your school to see if they offer free therapy. College might break the bank a little, but it shouldn’t break your mental health! (At Sierra College I believe you receive somewhere around 6 free sessions in the health center). Academic counseling is also so important. MAKE A PLAN! I cannot stress this enough. Figure out what classes you are going to take each semester. This can be just a rough outline, you don’t have to follow it, but having a plan keeps you on track and stress free. Be in charge of your own education!

Scholarships/Internships: This is offered, but not advertised. Internships are also required for some majors, so make sure to check this out. There are also on campus job opportunities, that not only make money and are convenient, but build a social network and get experience in something that matters.

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