#6: Rock Their Socks Off

College Advice #6

Be and dress presentable, everyday.

First of all, dressing presentable reflects positively on you and you do not need to do this for any other reason. By presentable I mean maybe don’t wear sweats EVERY day, but of course we all have those days. This one is of course my personal opinion, but consider the first things you notice about someone. Usually you notice their makeup or jewelry. Maybe it’s their outfit. It is usually an external appearance, so why not make it a good one. Of course, all of this said, BE YOU! Do whatever makes you feel confident because that’s when we do our best.

Second, always be present and act presentable. By this I mean, always be kind when communicating with your professors. They are there to help YOU. Take advantage of this. If you are confused, ask questions, don’t make it harder for yourself.

#6.5: ATTENDANCE MATTERS!! It really is as simple as showing up to class. If you need help and you have good attendance that shows that you are trying, and your professors will be more willing to help you. Communication is also key in this aspect. Let them know when you won’t be in class and why. It is important to respect their time as well as your own. You are in college to learn and they are their to teach you, respect that because all of our time is valuable.

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