#5: Hit The Books; but not yet

College Advice #5

Do not buy your books before school starts or even the first week!

First off, you might end up dropping classes or switching classes so avoid having to deal with returns or losing money. Secondly, in a majority of my classes that I have taken I didn’t end up using the books, it is just a ‘suggestion’ if you will. I have spent hundreds of dollars on textbooks that have sat in my car all semester. My advice then is to wait until you know for sure that you are taking that course and to see if you REALLY actually need the textbooks.

A lot of times you can get them for cheaper on sites such as Amazon, if you do end up having to buy it. You can also rent, but I always buy my books used! As well as at the end of the semester your bookstore will often buy your books back from you. Definitely save yourself some money this semester! I also have bought all of my textbooks and am willing to rent or sell them, if the situation arises that one of you need the same book! The good thing about buying your books is the ability to write and highlight all over the book.

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