18+... We’re talking credit baby!

Welcome to the beginning of tax season, let's talk about your credit, or maybe lack of?

Let’s be straight up here, becoming an adult can be ugly and hard, but also so exciting. One thing I wish I did sooner was get my first credit card. Every time I talk to people around my age (19) about this they get nervous and it usually ends with them saying “I don’t know what card to get” and then practicing avoidance. Credit can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be! The beauty of being a student, is that credit card companies GET IT. It is important to choose a credit card that works for you, but if you need some direction or a place to start, keep reading!

I would like to talk about my first credit card. I have the “Discover It Student Cash Back” credit card. Check it out for yourself: https://www.discover.com/credit-cards/student/

This was the first credit card I got around April 2019. I got approved for this credit card in about 60 seconds. I was working part time, at the time I applied. This card is catered to students. Every quarter there are different cash back places, such as grocery stores or gas stations. This means every time you use your credit card, you can get between 1%-5% back. Although this might not seem like a lot, if you are spending the money anyways, why not get 5% back. It also adds up every month and you can use it toward your bill! There are many advantages to this card and it has been really awesome for me, but I encourage you to do your own research.

Getting a credit does not have to be scary or pushed to the side. I was approved for a $1,500 credit limit at first. After 6 months of use, my credit score spiked to 736 and my credit limit increased to $2,300 due to on time payments and responsible use. Building credit is obviously important for many reasons, but if you are considering moving out in the near future, you're going to need to build some credit. Credit cards need to be taken seriously, but if used correctly you can use credit cards for necessities that you have budgeted every month anyways.

You can also look into the other credit cards that Discover offers. They have really good customer service and have been really good to work with. I also get compliments on my card all the time, huge bonus ;).

Don’t want to look around? Check this website out. They do all the work for you.. Oh and my Discover card is #1!


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