#1: Small Things, Big Meaning

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

College Advice #1

With finals coming up, don't forget to buy your professors a gift or thank you note

This blog post is all about:

-What to get your professors

-Why it matters

-More ideas

Get your professors a thank you note or gift. This does not have to be big. Personally I like to create very good relationships with my professors. This semester I went to Starbucks and picked out gift cards for my professors and just put $5 on them. I wrote thank you notes to them and put the gift cards inside. It is a really easy way to say thank you.

You can even make it funny if you don’t want to get too deep, such as “Thanks for putting up with me. Your next drink is on me because at one point you might have needed a drink because of me…”

Another simple thing to do, is something like lemon bars! It really is the thought that counts.

A few reasons that doing this is good:

-Build your social network

-Creating relationships leads to other opportunities (such as student assisting, internships, or letters of rec)

-They will be more willing to help you

-You can keep in contact with them, because it’s all about WHO you know

Here's a link to the thank you notes I LOVE:


More creative professor gifts:


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