+/- Graduating Early

This blog is all about the pros and cons of graduating early. I got a request on Instagram to write about this. I think high school is hard, and there are so many factors that make it so. For girls, I know that the drama alone could be enough.

I personally did not have any cons to graduating early, but I could see how there are definitely some cons.


-Starting your journey earlier (college, traveling, etc)

-Making your own schedule (school, work, everything-- it's on your time!)

-New friends, and letting go of the ones you were only friends with because you were scared to be alone in high school

-You can do anything you want or be anyone you want!

-More time to explore what you want to do (this allowed me to take extra classes to figure out my major, without getting behind in school)


-You have to be invited to go to prom (you can't go unless someone gives you their guest pass)

-You don't get invited to Senior award ceremonies (this part was super lame)

-You miss whatever events are in the Spring (Olympic week, etc), if you play a Spring sport, this is a bummer also

-Personally, I disconnected with my high school friends, not everyone does, but I did and although I overcame it, at the time it was very hard for me

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